Move Out Services

All the Right Movez is more than just a moving company.  We understand how stressful it is to move, and would like to relieve some of the pressure from your moving process.  There are teams available that can pack, load/unload, assist with installation of appliances/electronics, and even clean your old residence once unoccupied.  Although we started on smaller courier type moves for the majority of business, we have slowly evolved into a full service moving company.

1. House or Apartment Move – If you need competent and reliable movers, then this service is your answer.  We wrap furniture and glass, load all of your previously packed items, drive within 20 miles (per mile charge for longer moves), unload, and remove wrap and protective coverings.  Steps, elevators, parking garages, etc are welcome

2. Packing/Unpacking – Also offered is our packing and unpacking service.  This is for the person who dreads packing all those dishes, valuables, and other time consuming items.  We will show up with boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper, tape, and a smile.  Jump right in and take care of all your packing and unpacking needs.  This service is charged on an hourly rate.

3. Cleaning – Normally, the last thing anyone wants to do after spending a day moving is clean your old residence.  That’s where All the Right Movez slides in saves the day.  We have professional cleaners with over 20 years of experience, that will dust, scrub, bleach, disinfect, and vacuum.  We use industrial strength cleaners and will take care of all tubs, ovens, refrigerator, behind the washer and dryer, and all those other hard to reach places.  This is a flat rate service depending on size.

4. Painting - All the Right Movez can handle your painting needs as well.  Did you want to put some color on the walls before the big move in? If you painted your old walls and now they have to be primed and holes have to be filled prior to move out, you are in luck.  We have professional painters ready to assist with any of your painting needs.  We use Sherwin William’s products that have both durability and affordability.  Free Estimates.

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