About Us

Growing up in a military home had its benefits.  First, discipline and hard work were a part of everyday life.  If we weren’t cleaning something then the house, yard, car, and clothes must be in order.  We also learned at a young age that attention to detail can mean the difference between perfection and mediocrity.  “It’s better to do something right the first time.”  Lastly, we were taught the importance of character, ethics, and keeping your name in good standing with your peers.  This was the most important lesson learned, because without character and ethics a person is lost. 

These humble beginnings were then enhanced by the illustrious Florida A&M University and the education provided while attending it's School of Business.  It was here that my entrepreneurial spirit began to blossom.  Throughout college I worked with small business owners.  Whether it was a legal aid, insurance agency asst, marketing firm, or nonprofit organization, I learned that being in charge of your career and success is very satisfying.  It was then that I decided I would be my own boss. 

As many of you work in corporate America, this will not come as a surprise, but once I stepped into the workforce I was more motivated than ever to remove myself from this machine.  I loved my first Management Trainee job fresh out of college, but as far as being happy in a year with fake people, inner office political b/s, and slaving to make a fortune 500 company richer just didn’t seem like the reality I wanted to wake up to daily.  So I began my journey towards financial freedom, happiness, and success.

The next question I had to ask myself, “What kind of business do you want?”  Being in the service industry was a logical decision, due to the infinite demand for services.  While in college I owned a Toyota Tacoma, and my father always told me to assist all my classmates with moving when I needed some extra cash.  Although unaware at the time this is where All the Right Movez was born.  Once I moved to Atlanta, I purchased a full size cargo van and have been helping people with their moving needs ever since. 

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